The title of this week’s episode isn’t really all that fair. While yes… the show was at the 2019 Mason Oktoberfest, which was hosted by Sonder Brewing company, the reason that I fell in love with the event in the first place was because it’s so ‘All encompassing’.  Somewhere around 18 different local breweries all came together to showcase their Oktoberfests… Marzens, Festbiers, German Party Lagers… they call came together in an incredible display of German happiness.

I sat down with not just some folks from Sonder, but some other perfect examples of some of the other pieces of the Cincinnati Craft Beer community.  Our conversation ranged from (of course) German style beer, to brewery closings and what it means for the community.  We touch on hard seltzer and if it grows the craft beer market, or takes away from it.  The wind whipped us in a frenzy, and the beer kept us cool headed.

It was an awesome time!

Guests This Episode

  • Justin Neff – Co-Founder, Sonder Brewing Company
  • Danny Herold – PNP, Marketing Manager Sonder Brewing Company
  • JP Patrick – Listermann Brewing Company
  • Brian Brownlow – BC’s Bottle Lodge

From The Beer Fridge

  • Sonder Brewing Company – Original Settlers
  • Sonder Brewing Company – Dunkelweizen

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  1. That couple with the matching Beer shirts at Jungle Jim’s Beer Fest is me and my Wife. We haven’t missed a Beer Fest there since it started.

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