Twin Peaks is a chain of restaurants that opened their first location in the Cincinnati area up in West Chester in 2019. There’s a lot to unpack about this one – and I will warn you off the top – I don’t enjoy it all.

What To Expect At Twin Peaks

First off… this is one of those restaurants, much like Hooters, that has a bit of a gimmick where their waitresses wear skimpy revealing outfits. In the case of Twin Peaks, it’s short shorts and little plaid shirts that reveal your waitresses midriff. If this is a gimmick that is going to bother you, or offend you… don’t bother stopping here, it’s not going to get any better from that.

Yes… That’s A Shot-Ski happening in the background

Gimmick number two is the overall feel of the restaurant itself. The interior is decorated to look like some sort of hunting lodge meets sports bar. It all comes off as pretty fake, manufactured and seems to only be in place to make the name of the restaurant make a little more sense.

Continuing down the line of gimmicks for this place, is the one that I have the biggest issue with. The beer. They advertise (and seem to be very proud of the fact) that all of their beer is served at a chilly 29 degrees. Yes – my dear craft beer loving friend, you read that right. Your beer is literally freezing. This means that alongside big mugs of icy bud and miller you’ll see actual craft beers… IPAs, Stouts, and even the restaurants own ‘white label’ brands of craft beer freezing upon their being poured from chilly taps into frozen mugs. Consider me a little less than impressed.

What I Think

I don’t have an issue with waitresses that dress in skimpy outfits… I don’t even mind the cheesy “lodge” creation that they’ve created… but I have a really tough time getting over that freezing beer. Does that mean that I dislike the restaurant? I don’t think so… but it does make the decision of going back a little more difficult to make. I can get much better beer somewhere else – I don’t need a waitress in a skimpy flannel to help me make that choice.

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