It’s an exciting time down at Christian Moerlein, and I’m not just talking about it almost being Bockfest time again… no, they’ve got plenty of other stuff going on, besides that. I sat down with Greg Hardman and the new ownership team to talk about everything that’s been happening. The team discusses what it takes to bring Moerlein into the future of craft beer, and what that means for brands that we love around here (like Little Kings!). It’s a great conversation and is made even better by the Emancipator Doppelbock that was flowing.

Guests This Episode

  • Greg Hardman – Founder, Chief Market Development Officer
  • Jay Woffington – New CEO, Christian Moerlein
  • Jodi Woffington – New CMO, Christian Moerlein
  • Michael Graham – New CFO, Christian Moerlein

From The Beer Fridge

  • Christian Moerlein – Emancipator Doppelbock
  • Christian Moerlein – Power Stoutage
  • Christian Moerlein – Baltic Porter

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