I had never been to Crown Republic before this episode – and was lured in by some friends from the beer industry… and I am glad that I was. This place is fantastic on a few different levels – on the drinking side, the bar is great, it’s down to earth and provides great drinks without any of the pretentiousness that you might find at other spots. It’s a relaxed place to grab a great cocktail. On a whole other level, though… the food is to die for. Upscale, but still keeping that relaxed atmosphere that I love. It’s like hanging out in someone’s kitchen and having some really killer food.

If you’ve never been – let this episode be the thing that pushes you to try Crown Republic out! If you’re still curious – you can always read a little more here on the blog, or head over to their website for more information!

Guests This Episode

  • Aaron – Manager
  • Alex – Manager
  • Jason Roeper – Rivertown
  • Lindsey Roeper – Rivertown

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