Crown Republic

720 Sycamore Street, Cincinnati
(513) 246-4272

There are plenty of bars in the downtown area, and at first glance finding a way to set yourself apart from the pack seems like a daunting task. You could spend countless hours dedicated to trying to find the next niche and a little back door into the bar world, only to be ignored by the drinkers that scour this city for their next barstool.

Crown Republic (not to say they didn’t spend time figuring themselves out) took a different approach. The bar/restaurant is not in the hotspots of OTR or The Banks, instead opting for Sycamore St in the central business district. Also, they went with a more “home cooking” sort of vibe than the trendy dark “speakeasy” look. They are also affordable, comfortable and extremely friendly – personality traits that seem to be a rarity these days.

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The Space

The seating itself is the least comfortable part of Crown Republic – everything else is an amazing example of how you make a guest feel like they’re at home. From the incredible service that I’ve gotten each time I was there, to a menu that while upscale and certainly delicious is more approachable than a lot of other menus. They make you feel like they want you to be there… a feeling that a lot of places need to pay attention to.

If you’ve never experienced Crown Republic, you need to. Go for dinner, grab a couple of drinks – enjoy. This place on the surface seems like it’s not going to be much – but once you dig in, your gifted something really special.

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