Brewery – Sonder
Beer – Blanc
Style – White Ale
ABV – 5.4%

A beer inspired by how much the owner’s love this style, Blanc was the second beer created for the brewery, and when trying to name the beer, Haley said, “A beer this beautifully crafted deserves a name like Blanc.” In 2021, Blanc’s recipe changed to be more sessionable and citrus-forward

Sonder’s Blanc was a hit… from day one. They first tapped the beer for their grand opening, and it was also the first beer that ever saw the canning line when the brewery started canning their beer in 2019. Coincidently enough, the beer was also the first one that the team named when they were in planning, too… It’s always been special.

It’s no wonder then, looking at how many folks locally who have fallen in love with the beer, that it won a Gold medal at 2019’s US Open Beer Championship – this beer is fantastic.

The brewing team at Sonder spent a lot of time working to get this recipe right, with every aspect being hand-picked… from the malt bill to the “top-secret” blend of spices and even the unique techniques that they use to give it the nice clean characteristic that really makes it stand out. It underwent a few changes in 2021 to let it lean a little heavier into the traditional White Ale character and to let it still be drinkable and sessionable. This beer is clearly one that Sonder wants to see around for a long time.

My Thoughts On Sonder Blanc

Blanc is super cloudy, hazy yellow with a bit of deep orange if you have it in the right glass. The head on the beer is big, foamy, frothy and makes a really, really pretty beer, especially in the summer sunlight.

Aromas are loaded up with big earthy, yeasty notes. Behind it is just a touch of nice, light citrus.

When you dive in and taste the beer, you’re greeted by a big bodied, but sessionable dream of a beer. It’s light and fluffy while still packing itself full of flavor. I get notes of that earthy yeastiness right up next to a fruity citrus ballet. It’s wonderful. This beer hits on both the refreshing lightness that I want in the summer, and the big flavor and body that I want in the cooler months. It’s really, really special.

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