I love bottle shops. I especially love a bottle shop that bucks the trend and helps create a new category of what that means the way that places like Higher Gravity has – and much like I say way to often anymore (that might mean something about how much fun stuff is happening in Cincinnati) this is far too long in the making. I’m thrilled to have this week’s episode take place at Northside’s Higher Gravity where we talked about who they are, and where the came from – along with some great insight into why they’re opening a second location in Blue Ash soon. It’s a peek behind the curtain, and a great insight into the type of people they are.

I can’t give enough thanks to Jason and Nick for taking a few moments out of their busy schedule to make this one happen, and even to Mike Stokes who thought he was going to just grab a quick beer on the way home an ended up getting roped into a second half of the episode.

I might have just met them… but I like these guys – a lot.

Guests This Episode

  • Jason Parnes – Higher Gravity
  • Nick Belleman – Higher Gravity
  • Mike Stokes – Cincy Brew Bus

From The Beer Fridge

  • Streetside – Bee Mine
  • Brink – Barrel-Aged Villainous Schoolmaster
  • Hoof Hearted – Stackin’ Paper

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