I was worried about a place like Madtree when all this… “stuff” hit the fan. I wasn’t sure how a brewery their size with a taproom that is as busy as it is would weather a storm in which their taproom doesn’t exist. This show made me feel good, and I hope it brings some of that to your podcast player this week, too.

We all need a smile, we need to remember that our breweries are still out there… they’re getting scrappy and they’re fighting to not only stay a live during this, but they’re looking to get creative and get better at what they do and who they are. Kenny and Brady have created a place where ideas like this thrive… and this show is a brilliant reminder of just that.

From how they dealt with things from an operational standpoint, to what you do when an old beer blogger leaves a 16oz can of warm beer on your conference table… this one is fun.

Guests This Episode

  • Kenny McNutt – Madtree
  • Brady Duncan – Madtree

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