I feel like the times when a new brewery opens and I don’t have to tell you that it’s been a very long story to get to this point are far less than the times I do. But either way – it’s been a really long story for the folks at Rebel Mettle to get their doors open, and the story had a few twists and turns before they ended up right here, planning for their big Grand Opening.

The Story

Back around 2015, the idea was born. Mike Brown was home brewing with his good friend Greg Goeke, just for fun and a hobby. As these things usually do – it kept getting more and more serious, and alongside the brewing hobby conversations about disliking work and a desire to do something more were born.

But you can’t just snap your fingers and watch a brewery appear, can you? They (through a really fun serendipitous couple of relationships) came into contact with the Clyffside brewery building in OTR. It’s an amazing space, and the team still wishes that this grand opening was there – but the costs to make it happen were impossible to achieve in any realistic timeframe. So they looked elsewhere and were connected with their home on Central Ave in the business district.

Keep in mind, the business district is desperate for a brewery at this point. Rock Bottom just closed, COVID has ravaged our city and the people in it… we need a brewery situated downtown. The building they found is perfect. It’s old – it oozes character and it’s situated close to everything they wanted to be close to.

Before they could open a brewery, though, you have to figure out who you are, and how you can relate that to your customers. This is cool – this is where Rebel Mettle is really born.

The Idea

A mishmash of a couple things… starting first with the idea that these folks wanted a taproom and a brand that welcomed everyone into their space. So much so, in fact, that they scrawled the worlds “All Are Welcome” above both their entrances. Pour a dash of that with owner Mike Brown’s Mom telling him that he had always been the family’s “Rebel” and a friend referring to something really testing his “Mettle” and it all came together in a flash of light and a roar of thunder… Rebel Mettle was born.

Ok – it might not have been that dramatic – but it was clear who they were. It’s clear who we are. We are rebels. Some of us are definitely rebels in different ways, but we’ve all got in in us. This is a place for us to fly our flags proudly – no matter who we are.

Rebel Mettle is for us – All of us.

The Grand Opening

We need projects like this right now. We need these breweries opening up, kicking this virus in the teeth and reminding us that this is Cincinnati. We don’t do what we’re supposed to (which according to COVID is to roll over and die) – this industry lives, it breathes, and it grows.

Their grand opening is scheduled for 9/12 and it’s gonna be great. They’re closing off a parking lot for live music and it will give you your first chance to check out their gorgeous taproom in person. With several of their beers ready to go, it’s gonna be a blast. The brewery is focusing pretty heavy on lagers instead of the market-dominating ales… so if you’re a fan – you’re gonna be in absolute heaven.

For more information you can always hit up Rebel Mettle’s website, or give them a follow on social media. Also for more information you might want to check out the latest episode of Cincy Brewcast!

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