Next up in the Covid closures? BrewDog. This rumor has been floating around for a while, and it looks like now that the Business Courier has it out there I can finally share it with you guys.

Brewdog opened their doors with their Cincinnati taproom in November of 2019 – just in time for them to almost get a chance to settle in before Covid hit the country. I don’t need to tell you that it’s been rough going for a lot of our local taprooms and figuring out ways to survive the winter, which is historically a slower part of the season anyway has been front and center in their minds.

The choice to shutter the taproom couldn’t have been an easy one for BrewDog, it was the second-largest BrewDog location in the United States, coming in a little under 10,000 square feet – and plans for a reopening haven’t been announced as of this time. A statement on their Facebook page just reads:

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, BrewDog USA is temporarily and proactively closing BrewDog Cincinnati from December 21, 2020 until current trends are more favorable. You can still enjoy our beers by visiting our online shop,, or by finding us in your local grocery store. Stay safe and healthy!

What’s really important about this statement, though, is that they are careful to let us know that it is temporary and proactive – they are definitely hoping to open the doors back up once they are able to.

Make note – we are not out of the woods with this virus, yet. Go support your local spots when you can, how you can. It’s gonna be a rough winter for a lot of these folks.

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