First, it took Northern Row a long time to get their taproom up and running… it was a journey to say the least! But they did… and then with the whirlwind of chaos that came with 2020, their spirits line had to be put on the back burner as they launched ‘Project Hand Sanitizer’. Finally, though… it’s time. The distillery side of Northern Row, which is called Five Stories (look at the building… it’s five… well… if you don’t get it I’m sorry) is ready to launch their spirits.

You’ll be able to start getting bottles of their Vodka, Botanical Gin, and White Rum starting this Friday (January 15th) in their taproom – and before you know it at all your favorite liquor stores.

I promise you I’ll have more to write about as soon as I get my hands on my first tastes of these, so stay tuned!

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