The news of the upcoming cans from Brink have got quite a few of you pretty excited – and rightfully so. This is still a great time to be a fan of Cincinnati beer, Covid be damned. The release of new cans from any brewery is always fun, but after the year that we had in 2020? Maybe now it feels even better. There are several places around Cincinnati that are getting ready to release their first canned beers that I can only assume you’ll be as excited as I am to hear about.

Keep in mind with posts like this… I’m going to show you some label art that may not be the final version. Some of these releases may not happen, and there is certainly going to be some stuff that I don’t have that will happen. The point of this post isn’t to be comprehensive, but to get your heart beating a little faster in excitement for what may be coming.


This one got social media buzzing pretty heartily as the new artwork was casually dropped by Brink’s owner, Andy McCleese. Between trips to Waffle House and binge-watching the Mandolorian… I guess the ‘ol curmudgeon himself actually knows a thing or two about getting people excited for beer in this city. When he was on Cincy Brewcast back in July we talked about their growth plans for this year, and cans were definitely a part of that talk… you’re gonna wanna go listen to that if you haven’t already – it’s pretty good stuff.

Wooden Cask

Wooden Cask is finally giving in and canning their beer. They were (are) one of the long holdouts here in town of the bottle format, for a few different reasons… but are jumping into things this year. Their growing contract side of their business is a big factor in the choice, and that plays into some of the local stuff that we’re going to talk about in just a minute, too. While the bigger, barrel-aged beers that you’ve fallen in love with at Wooden Cask will still be bottled, my understanding is that all that nice, comforting, easy-drinking core beer that you love will be canned.

Rebel Mettle

Rebel Mettle has started to make a name for themselves, especially amongst folks that were looking for a great, low-key taproom that they could call their own. The brewery opened their doors in 2020, though, in the middle of the chaos of Covid, and knew from day one that they needed to find ways for folks to take their beer home. That means not just crowlers… but packaged cans, too. Keep your eyes peeled, you’ll start seeing these happening in the very near future!

Alexandria Brewing Company

I have a deep, deep love for these guys. Andy Reynolds is knocking out some incredible traditional focused beers that I know a lot of folks further North would absolutely go nuts for if they got their hands on it. 2021 is the year that we might just see that happen for them too. Utilizing that contract brewing from Wooden Cask that I talked about a minute ago – they have plans to start putting out a lot more beer this year than they’ve been able to on their small brewhouse. Those cans will most certainly find a nice chilly home in my fridge, and I am sure a lot of yours, too.

Sam Adams

This is a really fun one. I know… you’re saying some smart-ass comment about how Sam Adams already has cans… but you’re missing the obvious. I’m talking about the taproom. Small batch stuff, made right here in Cincy, for Cincy. I’m talking about 12oz cans of 513, Cincinnati Lager, This Is The Year – all the stuff that you’ve fallen in love with (and plenty more) coming out of a canning line that they’re “putting in” to the taproom. I don’t actually know how they’re fitting one in… or where they’re going to do that in their small taproom… but it’s happening!

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