Brewery – Fretboard
Beer – Crazy Train
Style – Belgian-Style Pale Ale
ABV – 5.5%
IBUs – 16

Add some Belgian yeast to any style and get ready to ride a crazy train. With bubble gum and fruity esters, there are some epic solos that happen in this Belgian Pale Ale. Shed no more tears with this Belgian Pale Ale and enjoy a few trips around on the crazy train and take the “Rhodes” less traveled.

This beer is one of Fretboard’s most award-winning beers for a good reason – it’s damn tasty. The fruity yeast profile hits perfectly with the fruitiness that comes from the hops creating an absolute symphony of delicious layers.

The beer was first released in cans 11/6/2021… which took way longer than it should have in my opinion because of how awesome this beer is. Coming from a person who has definitely been quoted as saying that he didn’t really like Belgian styles… that hopefully means something.


  • Silver Medal – 2018 US Open Beer Championship
  • Silver Medal – 2019 Ohio Craft Brewer’s Cup
  • Gold Medal – 2019 US Open Beer Championship
  • Gold Medal – 2020 Great American Beer Festival
  • Bronze Medal – 2020 Ohio Craft Brewer’s Conference
  • Gold Medal – 2020 US Open Beer Championship

My Thoughts On Fretboard Crazy Train

Don’t pass this one up if you get the chance to get your hands on it. A style that is vastly underrepresented in Cincinnati – and an amazing example of it, too… Crazy Train is a must drink.

In the glass this pours a beautiful golden-copper color with a touch of orange. The head on the beer is big, foamy and off-white.

Aromas are loaded with fruit and earthiness.

The taste of the beer dances between bright fruit and the background of deep, earthy, straw and spices.

When you couple this all up with the zippy body of the beer, it leaves it refreshing and a real journey from sip to sip. Easy to drink – and thought provoking as you do so.

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