Lager beer spent a lot of time building a reputation – and it wasn’t always a good one. In the modern world of craft beer there are places, though, like Rebel Mettle doing everything in their power to break the reputation and bring lager back in a BIG way. It was awesome getting to sit back down with these folks right as they were rolling out the first cans from their brewery and dive into how they make it all work.

The show might have been a little chaotic, but I should have just trusted my back up systems, because it turned out fine… (I’m an idiot, and didn’t have a memory card… it’s a long story – you don’t need to worry about it).

It’s been 7 months since we last did a show at Rebel Mettle, and it seems both like it was just yesterday – and like it’s been a lifetime. We sipped on a few beers, and explored a LOT including the cans – how they’ve been handling opening a brewery during a pandemic, and maybe what they see for craft beer in the future. It’s a good one!

Guests This Episode

  • Mike Brown – President, Rebel Mettle
  • Jonas Locke – Director of Quality, Rebel Mettle
  • Josh Deitner – Director of Brewing, Rebel Mettle

From The Beer Fridge

  • Rebel Mettle – Colonel Copper
  • Rebel Mettle – Bock Flavored Beverage Product
  • Rebel Mettle – Pathological Lager
  • Rebel Mettle – Wolf Hype

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