I can’t even tell you how my heart sings when I see local collaborations like these. Taft’s and UDF have teamed up to create a beer that I have been waiting for someone to do. It’s a milkshake IPA. How brilliant is that?

About The Beer

This IPA was brewed with heaps of hops, lactose, oats and flaked wheat for what they call a “refreshing and hoppy twist” on a Cincinnati classic. It comes in a 6.6% ABV, and other than that – I really don’t know much about what you should expect from it. They’ve done one exclusive “preview tasting” so far, and while the reviews are good – I don’t have any tasting notes to share.

The Taft’s/UDF Milkshake IPA will be available at all major beer spots in the coming month – in fact it should start popping up this week – so I’ll be snagging some soon to share my thoughts with you.

This collaboration is another one in a line of a few around town that I think crack a really important code. It brings people into craft beer, even if just out of curiosity, that might not have been drinking a craft beer before. As the industry grows and evolves this idea becomes more and more important. I salute places like Taft’s and UDF for collaborating, for celebrating each other, and for helping to grow craft beer.

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