I love shows like this. We used to call them bottle shows, but there really aren’t many bottles these days vs cans. The basics are simple. Crack open a few beers, shoot the breeze and see what comes up. We started the framework of the episode with a text message a few weeks ago that posed the question “What would Cincinnati look like if Rhinegeist never opened here?”. From there… we dove down a rabbit hole of great conversation, and really fantastic beers.

Michael Amann from Adena is always a pleasure to have on the show, and his thoughts and opinions definitely make him a great guest!

Guests This Week

  • Michael Amann – Adena Distribution

From The Beer Fridge

  • Alexandria Brewing Company – Threshhold
  • Brink – On The Brink
  • Wooden Cask – Oh, Hell Yes!
  • Narrow Path – Petite Poire
  • Streetside – Alpha

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Speaking of support… I have to give a huge shout out to the month’s sponsor – Bret Kollmann Baker over at Urban Artifact. If you live here in Cincinnati, you already know how awesome these guys are, and they’ve made it so, so easy for us to get their beer. You can hit up their website and order it online, having it dropped off right on your doorstep without you having to go anywhere. I will say, though – if you want to go somewhere, now that their taproom is back open, it’s a pretty great spot to grab a pint of some of the city’s most innovative beer. — Please support them, they support me!

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