On one hand, I get upset with myself when it takes me this long to get out to a local brewery to help them share their story with you. It drives me crazy. On the other hand, it feels so flippin’ good to finally get out there – that I almost forget about how crazy it makes me.

The folks over at Cincy Brewing Company have been on my “need to record list” for far too long – but my lord am I glad to finally get out there.

Their beer is better than ever, they are starting to really figure out who they are – and the taproom is finding it’s place in this bigger community in a really fun way. I dig this one, a lot.

We talked about how they got started, who they are, and about what they’re brewing. We even dove into the big question of “how big is too big” for a place like Cincy Brewing Company. It’s a long, fun show!

Guests This Episode

From The Beer Fridge

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  • Cincy Brewing Company – Ezz
  • Cincy Brewing Company – Lincoln Heights
  • Cincy Brewing Company – Mad Anthony
  • Cincy Brewing Company – The Valley
  • Cincy Brewing Company – Wright Stuff

Also – I have to give a massive, massive shoutout to this months sponsors of the show:

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  • Bret Kollmann Baker over at Urban Artifact. Bret’s a great dude, and his brewery is cranking out some of the most fun, innovative beer in this city (and well beyond). They’ve got an online store that you should check out – especially since they’ll ship it right to your doorstep (depending on where you live.

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