It takes me about an hour to get from my doorstep to the barstool at Sons of Toil, but the drive is a really small price to pay for a brewery that is doing what they are doing. They’ve captured a laid back “country” vibe that is genuine, relaxing, and exactly what we all need from time to time. When you couple that up with some absolutely awesome beer? Well… it could be a three hour drive and it would be worth it.

I sat down with owners Dave and John along with their head brewer Nate to figure out how it all comes together, and where some of the inspiration comes from. We get into their histories, and how they decided to start a brewery in Mt. Orab, and even got a few sneak peeks at what might be in store for the brewery in the coming years.

If you’ve never been out to the brewery – it’s 100% time that you remedy that! This show will certainly make you craft a few beers sitting out in their backyard.

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3 thoughts on “Volume 7, Episode 8 – The Long Drive To Sons of Toil is SO Worth It!”

  1. Ah that’s why their beer keeps getting more expensive, and the country vibe has left, city yuppies coming from all over.

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