I use the tagline ‘The Voice of Cincy Craft’ in Cincy Brewcast a lot. When I say it, though, I don’t necessarily mean that I am the voice of Cincy craft. You are. Every one of you who contributes to the show, the blog, all of it are part of the voice of Cincy craft. If you have ever sat next to me or stood across a bar from me and had a conversation you’re definitely part of the voice of Cincy craft, too.

And this episode? Well… it features two more folks who I think are a big part of the voice of Cincy craft.

I sat down with Diamon Bell (Beer is not for boys) and Matt DeMaris (the Brews Traveller, from Hustle and Brews) to talk about what role Cincy craft plays in their life and what role they play in the evolution of this community, too.

We drank a few beers (we were on location at BCs Bottle Lodge in Montgomery for this episode, talked about how they got their start, and where they are going in their own content and platforms. This show is a great one, and if you’re not already following them – make sure you do it as soon as possible!

Guests This Episode

From The Beer Fridge

  • Warped Wing – Ermal’s Raspberry Cream Ale
  • Fifty West – Peeled Out
  • Northern Row – Striper
  • MadTree – Sprye (read more about this beer)

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