It seems like a lot of folks in Northern Kentucky have been waiting for this, pretty loudly waiting, actually. Perhaps instead of calling what they were doing “waiting” I should say that they’ve been clamoring for this. Greater Cincinnati loves Fretboard beer, and the news that it was going to be available in the bluegrass state finally was extremely welcome… that’s my point.

The brewery announced this month that they are partnering up with Heidelberg Distributing to get their beer across the river starting this week (June 21st, 2021).

With this recent announcement coming right on the heels of the brewery announcing that they’d start heading to Dayton in February… it’s a sign that the shift to heavier packaging focus is making their business look quite different than it was in the “before times” as I like to call it. This means that we can expect a lot more fun packaged products in the near future – and their recently installed new canning line is another sure sign of that!

Celebrating Fretboard In Kentucky

There are certainly going to be some special tapping events that you can look forward to in the coming months, so make sure that you’re following Fretboard on their social media accounts for the latest. To kick things off you’ll find them tomorrow night (6/22) down at Kung Food Chu’s Amerasia in Covington at 5pm. They’ll be pouring 5$ pints of their beer to pair up with some absolutely delicious food!

If you’re looking for something a little different than amazing food, they’ve even announced that you’ll be able to snag their beers all through 2021 and 2022 at the Florence Speedway. You also know that with the ties to music that Fretboard has (it’s sort of “their thing”) you’ll be seeing their beers available at music venues and events all over KY. It’s gonna get really, really fun!

Make sure you get out there, show these guys some love, and let them know how great it is to see them in the state!

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