This one is a special show. I gathered a great panel of the biggest and most geeky lager brewers across Cincinnati to do a live version of the show. We talked lager. We got super nerdy, and we knocked back a few incredible beers along the way. From touching on some history, some hopes for the future, and even some talk about what makes lager so… special – we covered it all.

There was a lot to unpack, and I’m not done talking lager… I love it for so many different reasons, and look forward to sharing that love even more as this community keeps growing!

Huge thanks to everyone who was able to make some time to help make this show happen, and a massive shoutout to Fretboard for hosting. I have a lot of other “roundtable” shows that I’m planning, so stay tuned! For all you local breweries – if you want to host something like this – shoot me a message and let’s make it happen!

Guests This Episode

From The Beer Fridge

There were so many beers being passed around that table… It’s impossible for me to remember what all was there. Hahahaha.

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