This episode was a little…uh… experiment. I wanted to record this week’s episode live at the Clear Mountain Food Park in Batavia, and while – I did – it wasn’t very smooth. As always seems to be the case it turned into an experiment that didn’t function the way I wanted it too. Some technical issues bounced around for the first live stream. I got it all fixed, but you’re left with a little shorter episode today than you’re used to.

With my apologies – give it a listen, and get yourself out to the Food Park to see for yourself what they’re doing out there. Not only is it a fantastic addition to the area, it’s an incredible beer garden for this city, too.

Huge thanks to Tony from the Queen City Mobile Food Truck Organization for hanging out with me over a few beers and talking about the park!

Guests This Episode

  • Tony Lange – Queen City Mobile Food Truck Organization

From The Beer Fridge

  • Paradise Brewing – Czech Yourself, Pilsner

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