This one isn’t really about beer – and it’s not really about a Cincinnati Brewery. You can give me all the crap you want to about that, but I still want to make sure that you know this is happening for a couple different reasons. Right off the top, I love Warped Wing. I’ve talked a little bit in the past about how Dayton Breweries might start appearing here on the blog a little bit more – and Warped Wing is a huge part of why I want to make that happen. The other big reason I had to talk about this – I think it’s absolutely brilliant, nostalgic, and refreshing to see a brewery kick out a traditional soda brand. It makes me feel, I don’t know, Good?

Isn’t that what this should all be about? Feeling good about the places you spend your money?

About The New Brand

It’s not a crazy concept. The brewery has leaned heavily into it’s restaurant status, especially in Springboro – which means even more families are choosing to spend their afternoon or evenings there. Kids don’t drink beer – newsflash. You need something for them to drink that makes them enjoy themselves in the same way that me grabbing a beer might. Enter craft soda.

Once you start pouring soda, the question is bound to come up – why not make your own? And if you choose to make your own – why not? Why not launch a new bottled brand? If you believe that packaging beer is good for a beer brand, why isn’t packaging soda good for a soda brand? The whole thing just makes sense, assuming you’re willing to put the effort behind it.

This soda is non-alcoholic (remember, the kids) gluten-free and caffeine free. It’s made with real cane sugar, too. They’re kicking it off with root-beer, everyone’s favorite soda and their doing it in a big way.

The KickOff

Warped Wing is joining with Graeter’s Ice cream to create a special collaborative root beer float that will be available at both Warped Wing locations beginning on Friday, July 23rd. The Dayton area Graeter’s Ice Cream shops will have bottles of the root beer available for carryout, as well as a special root beer float package available for delivery, too, the following week.

Then? The week of July 26th, you’ll start seeing the product hit the market. You’ll be able to find it at your favorite local accounts that carry Warped Wing products.

This is going to be fun. The brewery has other flavors in the development stage, but they are committed to going all in on root beer from day one. Eventually, you’ll see the Warped Wing Soda company become a portfolio of different sodas to satisfy a wide variety of palates. I’m going to go out on a limb here, and assume that if you’re a soda nut, and you want to try stuff before it hits the ground in bottles – make sure you’re visiting their locations… you might get some sneak peeks at flavors in development that way.

There are always a lot of reasons to love Warped Wing, and for those of us with kids, or friends/family who might not be as into beer as we are – they’re giving us one more reason with this launch. Support these folks, they deserve it!

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