This beer doesn’t taste like pizza… that needs to be announced from the get-go. Instead, Braxton and LaRosa’s are teaming up to create a beer that pairs up perfectly with a large pizza, family, and the experience that both companies thrive on. I’m all about it, and can’t wait to get my hands on both products, side by side of course.

This matchup makes a ton of sense. When you look at these two companies, who they are and what they stand for – they match up so well it’s amazing that it took this long.

About The Beer

Finding the perfect beer to drink with your pizza is as crucial to the experience as it is to decide between what toppings you’re gonna load that pie up with in my opinion. While there are a ton of great options for you to wash it down, there hasn’t been that perfect one yet.

Braxton is hoping to solve that problem with this new release.

The beer, which is being called LaRosa’s Lager is a cleans crisp lager. The brewery is telling us that it has a flavorful bitterness that goes along with a 5% ABV, light and drinkable body.

It’s built from the ground up to pair perfectly with LaRosa’s classic family sauce that they have become famous for. It should finally solve that conundrum of what to drink with your LaRosa’s.

When you do a collaboration like this, though – you have to have a little more behind what you’re doing than just making a great beer to go with great food. It has to speak louder than that, and mean a little bit more.

The Cause

I mentioned earlier how much these two companies have in common besides being a huge part of Cincinnati culture. One major aspect that we can all get behind is their desire to help improve the community that surrounds them. To use what they do to do good things.

To help support this mission, a portion of each LaRosa’s Lager served in both LaRosa’s pizzerias and Braxton taprooms will go to support the LaRosa Family Foundation. This foundation goes to invest in local programs that offer activities focused on youth development through education, athletics and life skill training.

You can feel good knowing that a piece of what you spend is going to a good place while you enjoy the fruits of the labor of both of these companies.

The Release Event

Like we talked about – this is a beer that is designed to pair up with pizza. You know that because of this design, the release event is gonna be pretty freaking awesome.

Braxton and LaRosa’s are throwing a tapping event at the Braxton taproom on 10/21 from 6pm to 9pm. Braxton’s co-founders Jake and Evan Rouse will join LaRosa’s CEO Mike LaRosa along with Chief Culinary Officer Mark LaRosa for a family game night tapping event in the Braxton taproom in Covington.

There will be free slices of pizza on hand from the LaRosa’s food truck and if you’re one of the first 100 people to arrive, a new custom branded glass to make sure that you’re drinking in style.

I hope to see you there!!

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