These two guys have been in this industry for a very long time… and so while the purpose of the episode was to talk about Little Miami’s recent expansion with their event center along with the BCCA Sunday after thanksgiving show coming up – I couldn’t resist diving into talking about the bigger pictures stuff. We drank a couple beers and dove into what makes all this tick, how things have changed, and where we think it might all be headed.

The Queen City Chapter of the BCCA is about a lot more than just collecting random Breweriana… though that’s a major part of it. This Sunday After Thanksgiving Show is a great chance for you to not just head out and pick up a few items for the beer geeks on your Christmas list – it’s a great time to just get out with a few of your friends, grab a couple beers and spend an afternoon doing something a little bit different.

It just so happens that this show takes place in the new event center at Little Miami Brewing Company. If you haven’t seen what they’ve done out there, it’s an amazing chance to get a little peek at how much they’ve grown. This event center has a massive indoor space, and a patio that makes the incredible outdoor space over at the brewpub jealous.

Guests This Episode

  • Beer Dave – The Queen City Chapter of the BCCA
  • Jim Strelau – Little Miami Brewing Company

From The Beer Fridge

  • Little Miami Brewing Company – Earth Cookie
  • Little Miami Brewing Company – My Dad’s Truck
  • Little Miami Brewing Company – Dark Side of the Moon

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