HiWire, out of Asheville, NC is continuing the growth that we’ve seen over the last few years. This time, though, they’re bringing their quirky personality and insanely delicious beer somewhere we’re a little more familiar with – Cincy!

A Brief History Of HiWire, And Why You Should Be Excited

HiWire Brewing was founded back in 2013 in Asheville, and since that time has racked up some serious awards for its tasty beer. It’s no wonder that its fanbase spans all sorts of beer folks, either. They brew up great traditional styles, right alongside some wild barrel-aged sours and modern hazy, fruity, sour, well… everything.

This is one of those breweries that will please all palates that find their way to the bar.

The brewery has kicked off the next stage of its growth by opening satellite taprooms in not just Asheville, but in Durham, Wilmington, and Charlotte, North Carolina. They also opened up a Kentucky presence with taprooms in Louisville and Knoxville, too. It seems that Ohio is the next stage of their growth, and I have a sneaking suspicion that the Cincinnati taproom is going to be something really special.

About The Cincinnati Taproom

This taproom will anchor the new 20-acre redevelopment of the former US Playing Card factory in Norwood. The development, called Factory 52, needed a space that will draw people in, and become a new hub for the growing community. It makes sense to look for a brewery to fill that need – and look they did. They worked with several places to find the perfect fit, and at the end of the day… well… Hi-Wire was absolutely perfect.

The location made sense for Hi-Wire, which has found a ton of success when opening their taprooms finding developers who are committed to reuse. They didn’t want a space that lacked soul… something that oozes out of Hi-Wire. They were looking for a development that felt like a “campus-like” location in a neighborhood that was up and coming. Norwood checks all the boxes for HiWire.

This new taproom will bring a lot of the familiar feelings from Hi-Wire’s other taprooms. From the vibrant murals covering the walls to the games like soccer pool, table tennis, and foosball, if you love Hi-Wire – this is going to be your spot.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t pushing things farther with this taproom. It’s not only going to be massive – it’s going to be the first multi-level design that they’ve done so far. The first floor will be 5800 square feet and will feature a bar with 24 taps and a large outdoor patio. The rooftop deck will have a 12 tap secondary bar as well as a 3780 square foot deck that overlooks the entire property.

It’s going to be freaking awesome.

When’s It Happening, and What’s It Mean?

Construction is beginning immediately, and they’re expecting the space to be open to the public in the fall of 2022 (sorry… it’s still a way out). But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start getting yourself excited right now. This is a big addition to Cincinnati.

I’ve been a little critical of taprooms from “outside breweries” coming into Cincinnati. Not because I don’t like the beer. I love the beer. It’s really hard for a brewery to become part of a community when they open up a taproom away from home.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

The move by Hi-Wire to open a taproom as the anchor of a new development makes a world of difference for them. They are forming a community around themselves that a lot of other places have missed the ball on. When you open a taproom in Hyde Park, or OTR, or even in a shipping container in Newport… you’re not allowing yourself to BE the community that you’re in. You’re just jumping on board. (not that that’s terrible – I’m glad we have those spaces, too).

I think that’s the biggest factor here that will make Hi-Wire a success. I can only hope that after seeing what this taproom can be, that they decide a little pilot system here in Cincinnati will only take it to the next level.

Welcome to Cincinnati, Hi-Wire!!! We’re ready for you!!!

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