I think that it’s sort of Cincy Brewcast’s “thing” – to go off the rails from time to time. This week is a great example of one of those times. I sat down at Streetside with owner Garrett Hickey to talk about the collaboration beer that brought us all together, Socially Influenced, and instead – we went down an entirely different path about growth, expansion, new locations, brewpubs vs breweries, Big Beer vs craft beer.

We hit a lot of stuff.

We did still manage to talk about Socially Influenced a bit – and I even brought on Craft Beer Joe to try to get us back on track… but this was too good of a topic to not dive into it.

In fact, we were having so much fun we didn’t even do a from the beer fridge segment (rest assured we were drinking, though).

I love episodes like this a lot, it’s a very natural conversation – there are probably a few things that we should have cut out during the edit – but I thought the context was important for everything. Enjoy! Remember to make sure that you’re subscribed to the show wherever you listen to your podcasts – and probably even more importantly, tell a friend or two about it!

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