It’s taken a little bit of time, but we finally made our way down to Narrow Path in Loveland to sit down and rock out a podcast. It was a good one too, worth the wait if I say so myself. We got into it all, not just the story of how Narrow Path came to be, but even into the philosophy behind it that makes it a little bit different than anywhere else in town.

Of course, we no Brewcast is complete without drinking a few beers – and that loosened things up a bit so we could even talk a little bit about the future of what might be coming for Narrow Path.

These guys are phenomenal, a near-perfect example of what I want out of a craft brewery. If you haven’t been, you probably know what my next recommendation is going to be, then… right? Get there.

Guests This Episode

  • Chad Powers – Narrow Path Brewing
  • Chuck Luken – Narrow Path Brewing

From The Beer Fridge

  • Narrow Path – Essentia
  • Narrow Path – Cerise Savage #2 (Cherry)
  • Narrow Path – Peach Gose
  • Narrow Path – A Better Burden
  • Narrow Path – Espresso Maple Brown Bear

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