I’ve been woefully slow in getting posts up to tell you about what’s happening in Cincinnati Beer these days – but I couldn’t let the day go by without letting you know that Cartridge is releasing the second bottle in their ‘Motto Series’ in their taproom today (May 22nd 2022). This release, called Strength Through Support is one you’ll wanna get your hands on!

About The Series

If you’ve been following along, you are most likely familiar with the Motto Series from Cartridge – the first beer was released in November of 2021, and this is the fifth beer that has held the Motto name (the second bottle release). It’s a place for their special, bottle-release beers – barrel-aged rarities – to live.

You can read about all the beers that have been a part of the series so far right here if you want – or get a better picture of the series by reading about the first bottle here – but the thing that you really need to understand is that this is designed to be special, and deeply personal for the brewery.

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Motto: Strength Through Support

This second bottle is hitting the taproom today – and it sounds like a beer that I would definitely love. Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with coffee. This is a variant on Imperial Stouts that in my opinion, if you’re going to do barrel-aged stouts, you have to do at least once.

This one came out to be around 10.2% ABV, and the brewery is telling us that it’s robust, bright and boozy. They used medium roast Brazillian coffee beans from Seven Hills Coffee Roasters to lend a “fresh-bag-of-coffee” aromatic character that they say perfectly complements the elemental bourbon notes of caramel and vanilla.

With a description of being sweet, nutty, and drinkably smooth, it’s definitely on my radar as one I wanna get my hands on!

The Story Behind The Beer

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Like all the beers in the series – this one is about something a little bigger than just the liquid. The name pays homage to the military and one of its mottos, specifically in this case the Mighty 88th – born among the most iconic airfields in history, the core of the Air Force Materiel Command Garrison.

These folks work day in and day out to train and develop the next generation, serving Wright-Patts current employees, as well as its military retirees, and stand ready to take to the skies.

You can see the story come to life in the bottle’s artwork, showcasing a classic Wright Flyer shadowed on a Wright-Patt hangar.

This beer won’t last long… and it’s only available in very limited quantities – so if you are hoping to grab some, you need to start making plans quickly – it goes on sale at 11 am today in the Cartridge taproom. The bottles will be available for $16.99 – and will only be available while supplies last!

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