I love beer, and I love music – which is why I can definitely get behind an event like this. Rhinegeist (they’re that little brewery over on Elm St, in OTR) is teaming up with Colemine Records (they’re a record shop/label over in Loveland) to host a record fair down at the Rhinegeist taproom this month.

About The Rhinegeist/Colemine Event

The inaugural taproom record fair will take place on Saturday, July 23rd, 2022 from noon until 5 pm. They’ll be featuring vendors from all over the tristate to throw an event that will make other music lovers like myself absolutely swoon.

You can expect 10+ record vendors from all over the area – we’re talking about everything from the larger vendors and shops to smaller, private collections alike. They’ll have an incredible selection of niche records for you to sort through.

There will be an ‘old school’ vinyl DJ on hand to keep the music cranking through the event, a vintage pop-up shop with Jet Black Vintage, Mazunte Tacos, and (of course) a curated draft beer selection to make sure that you don’t get thirsty, too.

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Why You Should Care

Getting new music into your collection is always fun, but this event showcases another side of it all that I think is really important, too. The community. In the same way community enabled me (and a lot of folks like me) to fall in love with craft beer in a very deep way, it’s hard to ignore the community in music.

The vinyl record industry understands this (at least the small, independent, shops that I love seem to.

This is the type of event that is designed to bring folks together, let them get a little geeky about something they are passionate about, and share that love with each other as well as folks who might be curious about it. In the same way that beer festivals bring different breweries together with beer lovers, a record fair brings together different record shops with music lovers.

It’s a thing of beauty.

For more information on Rhinegeist, you can always read about them here on the website, or visit their website. For more on Colemine Records, while I recommend visiting them in Loveland, you can always hit them up online, too!

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