It’s a topic that comes up a LOT in discussions amongst beer geeks. I’ve asked, and been asked it over and over, and never really answered or gotten an answer that satisfied me. Why in the world would we think that this time would be any different? Perhaps because on this week’s episode we had the wonderful Julia from Truth, Beer, Podsequences on? Maybe because she was joined by her “other half” Josh?

This might be the time we finally get an answer we’re happy with.

Or… maybe we’ll just drink a few great beers, talk about nonsense and have a great time – you be the judge.

We hung out at West Side Brewing for this one (unbeknownst to them… which is always fun, and feels like you’re sneaking around – I like that) – it’s a great episode and I can’t thank Julia and Josh enough for making it happen!

Guests This Episode

  • Julia Rohs – Truth Beer Podsequences
  • Josh Hester – Behind-the-scenes TBP Producer

From The Beer Fridge

  • West Side – Nelson DIPA
  • West Side – H&R IPA

Links From This Episode

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