The only thing that can improve a great Cincinnati brewery is excellent local food. For this reason, you’ll find it no surprise that I’ve been eagerly awaiting the grand opening of Grainworks’ new food partner, ever since they announced that they’d be partnering up with Mama Bear’s Mac and Cheese.

The brewery announced that they’d be opening up a kitchen (eventually) back when they unveiled their taproom expansion in late 2020. Needless to say, there’s been plenty of time since then to let ourselves get really excited about it actually happening.

Mama Bear’s Mac and Cheese shouldn’t be too unfamiliar to you if you’re a loyal Grainworks drinker – they’ve been serving up the taproom from time to time from their super-popular food truck – which is why the partnership is making so many of us pretty excited!

About Mama Bear’s

The kitchen’s grand opening is today (10/21/22) – and they’ll be open from here on out 6 days a week, opening with the taproom, and closing one hour ahead of Grainworks each day.

This move for Grainworks should help them out with consistency and customer experience. While the brewery has loved its food truck partners over the years this step is the natural progression as they keep growing and trying to improve all the reasons that drive folks into the taproom (and also the ones that might push folks to leave and go somewhere else).

From the kitchen, you’ll find plenty of classic favorites like their signature Mac and Cheese (which you’ll be able to order “flights” of) – but it will also be alongside plenty of new stuff too like Burgers and Nachos. Actually… we should just take a peek at that menu, shouldn’t we?

The Menu

  • Mac and Cheese Flight:
    • Vermont Cheddar Mac
    • Loaded Baked Potato Mac
    • Smokey Bear Mac
    • Buffalo Chicken Mac
  • Vermont Farm Burger – Vermont cheddar, maple caramelized onions, and maple BBQ sauce.
  • PapaBear Special Burger – Fried mac and cheese, house bier cheese, and bacon.
  • The Italian – Pepperoni, salami, ham, mozzarella, provolone, banana peppers, lettuce, tomato, and Italian dressing on grilled sourdough bread.
  • Vermont Grilled Cheese – Vermont cheddar and classic cheddar on grilled sourdough bread. Bacon and tomato are optional.
  • Grainworks Nachos – House-made saratoga chips with bier cheese (made with Grainworks beer, of course) smoked pulled pork, BBQ sauce, pickled onions, and pickled jalapeƱos.
  • Pretzel Bites & Bier Cheese – Soft, warm pretzel bits with house-made bier cheese with Grainworks beer.
  • Bruschetta Flat Bread – Delicious griddled flatbread, topped with bruschetta, mozzarella, and provolone and finished with a balsamic glaze.
  • Vermont Farm Salad – Mixed greens, tomato, bacon, chopped red onion, and Vermont cheddar. Dressings include house Vermont maple balsamic vinaigrette, ranch, or Italian.
  • New England Crab Cakes – Made in-house with real crab, pan-seared, and served with cilantro-lime aioli.

This is going to kick Grainworks up a few more notches in my book – and should hopefully give everyone a great new reason to visit the taproom! If you’re looking to know more about Grainworks, make sure you read up on them here on the websitefollow them on social media – or even better… get out there for a beer and some food!

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