Sometimes there’s an idea that someone has that is just absolutely perfect. Vets And Brews is one of those ideas. Matt DeMaris is no stranger to good ideas, though, and that’s why he’s always a blast to sit down and talk to, whether it’s on or off the show. Luckily for all of us, he made a few minutes for us this week to sit down on the Brewcast and talk not only about Vets And Brews (and their honor bus that happened this weekend) – but a little bit about what makes it all work for him.

This is one of those episodes that I hope inspires you a little bit. It certainly does me!

This episode was recorded on location at Grainworks Brewing Company in West Chester Ohio… while it’s not really a “Grainworks” show – we still hung out there and drank their beer!

Guests This Episode

  • Matt DeMaris – Vets And Brews

From The Beer Fridge

  • Grainworks – Old Ghosts
  • Grainworks – Defroster
  • Grainworks – Westchesteren VIII
  • Grainworks – What’s In The Middle?

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