Do you know what else is great about the Spring? Aside from the obvious warm weather, of course. It’s soccer season in Cincinnati, and with the rabid fandom of FC Cincinnati it’s hard to deny that we’re quickly becoming (if we’re not already there) a soccer town just like we are baseball and football.

I can only assume if you’re here on this website, you’re also a beer drinker – which is why you’ll be happy to hear that today Fretboard Brewing Company announces their partnership with the team to bring their most popular and award-winning styles right in the stadium for you to enjoy, right in time for the season to open on 2/25.

What Will Be Available?

The brewery will package 4 different beers to be sold at the stadium. They’ll have them alongside draft beer at designated retail outlets around the field that will feature Fretboard-only mobile markets. But… what will you be drinking?

  • Vlad, Pilsner – You guys should know this one by now! 2018 World Beer Cup award winner, and all-around local favorite, it’s crisp and crushable – perfect for a game! Read More About It Here.
  • Reba, Strawberry Blonde – This is one of my favorite summertime crushers. Light, fruity, and effervescent this beer is crisp and absolutely wonderful.
  • Bootsy Brewski, IPA – Brewed in collaboration with local funk icon Bootsy Collins this beer is not only a funky four time winner of US Open Beer Championship medals, but it’s also a perfect IPA to sip on while rooting for the home team.
  • Sammy’s Red Ale – Brewed in collaboration with Sammy’s Burgers in Blue Ash (right down the road from Fretboard) it only makes a ton of sense to pour this one at the stadium (which also features a Sammy’s kitchen in TQL stadium. So flippin’ good!

Why You Should Love This

Craft beer is a BIG part of FC Cincinnati and TQL Stadium, and the thought that this sponsorship slot can be filled by a local brand like Fretboard instead of one of the ‘Faux Craft’ brands that we all know are more numerous to count these days makes me feel great.

Fretboard is in the process of opening its third taproom in Norwood, part of the big Factory 52 development that’s going into the former US Playing Card factory spot. It’s perfect timing for the brewery to push their brand a little louder around town and to remind folks of some of the really awesome stuff they’ve been brewing up!

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