Augie’s Tavern

201 Walnut St, Reading Ohio

Dive Score: 88 (What’s This?)

There are a lot of types of bars, and I think that I am starting to love places like Augie’s more than a lot of other types. This isn’t some crazy bar/restaurant or a themed cocktail joint. You won’t find a massive craft beer selection, or some hard-to-snag bourbon backlit on a custom-designed crystal display shelf. This is a neighborhood bar, full of friendly people who just want to hang out over a cold beer.

It’s a thing of beauty.

What’s Augie’s Like?

Augies is situated in a neighborhood in Reading, Ohio. When I say that it’s in a neighborhood, I mean it, too. It’s surrounded on all sides by residences. When you walk in you’re greeted by a large U-shaped bar with a service area that runs down the center of it. A large, open room has tables, a few games like shuffleboard, and plenty of TVs to watch your favorite sports.

The feeling is a lot like a neighbor’s basement that you might hang out in to watch a game, or celebrate family events – and to be completely honest, that’s sort of what the personality of the bar feels like to me, also. The biggest difference is that everyone is welcome to just walk in off the street and take part in the celebration.

The decor of Augie’s is a little unique, to say. There are some strange beach/pirate touches sprinkled about – amongst plenty of sports memorabilia, too. It’s admittedly a little strange, but somehow… it just fits. It makes some kind of sense.

Why You Should Visit

To me, there’s something that you can only get from drinking in a place like Augies. The world has plenty of bars, and a lot of them start to feel like the same place, over and over. They can feel like they’re full of the same people, drinking the same things, eating the same food – and it’s boring.

When you belly up to the bar at Augies, you’re walking into a place that is becoming rarer and rarer in today’s world – it’s a treasure.

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