I love Blue Ice Cream as much as the next guy, but when I dive into my sense memories of my years of visiting Kings Island, it’s all about International Street. There’s a journey from when you walk in the gate to when you finally pass the Eiffel Tower, it starts with the sweet aromas of pizza and finishes with irresistible funnel cakes. I’m so excited to hear that Sonder is taking their partnership to a new place with this year’s collaboration beer, a strawberry funnel cake ale.

About The Beer

I haven’t tried this one, yet… but from reading the description in the press release I think I’m going to like it, a lot. They describe it like this:

Kings Island Strawberry Funnel Cake Ale has strawberry and powdered sugar on the nose and lightly sweet flavors with an approachable crisp finish. It’s a great beer for a hot day at the amusement park during lunch or dinner, in between rides, or while you’re waiting for the kids to ride their favorite attraction.

Ummm, yeah. Sign me the heck up for that.

My Thoughts

Sonder is doing a great job with a couple different things when it comes to a beer like this. First and foremost the collaboration with Kings Island is a great one. The brewery is only three miles from the park, and it only makes sense to have not only a presence there for visitors to experience Sonder, but to salute them as a massive part of the community that Sonder calls home.

When I think of the beer itself, specifically, I get thinking about Sonder and what they’re doing with every collaboration with the park, so far. It’s really, really well done. You may not want a beer that tastes like a funnel cake, or like Blue Ice cream – and I respect that – but it’s the perfect way to craft a beer that hits on both sides of the same collaboration coin. On one hand, you have a beer that while you’re drinking it in the park, baking in the sun, goes down really, really easily. Crisp and easy drinking, it’s exactly what you want a beer to be.

On the other side of that coin, though, you have a beer that when you’re not in the park… still screams Kings Island. It’s not just another light beer that fades away into the crowd. It makes you hear the rides, smell the memories and actually feel like you’re at Kings Island.

That’s not easy to do, and Sonder is absolutely nailing it.

How To Snag It

This beer is definitely one you’re going to want to try. It’ll be available all season long at Kings Island, with a limited number of cans available in the Sonder Brewery taproom starting on April 18th. From there, you’ll see it around town later this summer on draft and in cans, too… so keep your eyes peeled.

For more information about Sonder Brewing, you know you can always find the latest right here on the website, but don’t forget that you can also visit them on their website or via Facebook and Instagram too for all the news and information that you crave!

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