Introducing Rhinegeist’s Cincy Light Lager

Light lager made by local craft breweries is undoubtedly having its time right now. Rhinegeist is doing things with a unique spin on it, though. The brewery, which just won a gold medal at the World Beer Cup for their ‘Cheetah’ lager, is putting their first packaged light American lager out and using the opportunity also to help student-athletes by partnering up with ‘Cincy Reigns’ a Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) fundraising collective for the Cincinnati Bearcats.

I guess we should start there.

What the heck is NIL?

For years, college sports have used the name, image, and likeness of college athletes to generate income and promote NCAA sports.

In July 2021, a new rule was passed that enabled athletes to share in the revenue generated from them. While schools aren’t allowed to pay players directly for participating in sports, this has opened the doors for players to generate something.

The laws are still being written, and the debate still rages on – but things are evolving.

How Rhinegeist and Cincy Reigns Are Contributing

Cincy Reins connects charitable organizations with community-oriented Cincinnati student-athletes who are eager to leverage their Name, Image, and Likeness for a positive impact.

In short, the organization wants UC’s student-athletes to thrive not just on the field but off it. This isn’t just while they are in school, but after they graduate, too. They will offer character and life education opportunities to help these student-athletes learn how to compete at more than just the sport they love successfully.

Rhinegeist, a brewery dedicated to building lasting communities within Cincinnati, is jumping on board with this collaboration. It’s not just a beer that uses portions of its retail sales to give back. It also provides exclusive fundraising events at Rhinegeist. It’s beautiful.

About The Beer

Let’s not kid ourselves, though. The beer is definitely still important to folks like us.

Cincy Light, aside from the awesome name is going to be a beer for a lot of occasions. Rhinegeist says that this is an easy-drinking light lager that really captures the spirit of the Queen City. It’s built for tailgating, taking in the game, or just unwinding with friends after a day.

I think this is going to find a nice home in my garage fridge for all those occasions that you need a beer that you don’t necessarily have to think about.

Keep your eyes peeled for this one. As we head into football season this fall, you’ll start seeing it on shelves wherever you typically buy your Rhinegeist beer. Of course… I’m sure you’ll be able to snag it at Nippert Stadium too!

For more information about Rhinegeist, you can always read about them here on the website. If that’s not enough, make sure you’re following them on Facebook, Instagram, or over on their website too!

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