The long-awaited second 16 Lots taproom (called the Southern Outpost) opens its doors today in Newport, Kentucky, and it marks the next step in a really exciting journey for the brewery. They opened their doors in Mason, Ohio, back in 2017 with a brewery that drew much of its identity from the suburb they call home. In 2020 they brought Del Hall into the ownership team, and with him, a new side of their identity started to drift outside of just their neighborhood.

It’s been incredibly fun watching these folks grow over the last few years, and I was extremely interested when they announced their new space was coming to Newport on the Levy. That interest only continued to grow as they started to build a new team to run the space. This new space isn’t just a brewery. It’s a restaurant, a music venue, a cigar lounge… it’s a lot of things all wrapped into one.

The Experience

Del Hall was extremely hands-on with the process of opening this location. He had a vision in his head and worked his butt off to make that a reality. You can see the details all around you and it makes for a brewery that isn’t just a place to grab a beer and dinner – it’s a place to get lost for a few hours.

The space sits on the back corner of Newport On The Levy, right on the corner by the Purple People Bridge. The location is fantastic, right in the heart of things, with access to both the indoor mall section as well as the outdoor “riverwalk’ area of the Levy.

When you walk into the brewpub, you head down a brick-lined hallway, lit by “candle” lit sconces that frame the brewery space. The hallway opens up in the main room, which, while being wide open, has several distinct areas within it. The first space to one side is a large stage designed for musical acts. Next to that is the main dining area with plenty of large tables spread out for everything from a quiet dinner for a couple of people to an after-work gathering for the whole crew.

A U-shaped bar sits at the center of the room, separating the dining area from the kitchen service area. It should go without saying in 2023 but not only does 16 Lots serve their own beer, but they also have a great cocktail program alongside wine and seltzers for those who don’t enjoy beer quite as much as some of us do.

The other side of the room features one of two patios. This one is designed for one purpose… cigars. With several large humidors next to the doorway, this cigar lounge is an extremely unique feature and something that cigar fans like me will get a ton of use out of. They went to great lengths to make a space that can be used even as the weather gets a little chilly.

The other patio sits right on the “river walk” and overlooks the city skyline. It’s an incredible space that makes sitting with a drink to watch the sunset an absolute dream.

For more information about 16 lots, you can always read about them here on the blog. If you’re looking for more make sure that you follow them on social media or check out their website here!

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