9933 Cincinnati-Columbus Rd, West Chester Ohio

It’s one thing to be a neighborhood bar. It is very much about your regulars. You give them good drinks, good food, and a welcoming space. It’s a little more complicated when you’re like Trillions. Sure, Trillions, when you break it down to the nuts and bolts, is still that neighborhood bar at its core, but when you take a little step back, you can see a bigger picture of who they strive to be.

It’s a bar designed to bring people to the neighborhood, and that can be a little tougher to do.

A Little Bit Of It All

Trillions takes all the basics of a good bar and kicks each one up a notch or two. The food is better than you expect it to be. The live music is a little bigger than you anticipate. It’s all done just a notch past where you think it will be done when you pull up to the place.

With all of that, they still manage to be a bar that has regulars that belly up each day and make it part of their routine. This balance can be extremely difficult for many places, and Trillions seems to do it flawlessly from an outside perspective.

The History

The building that now houses Trillions was originally built back in 1926, but it didn’t start out as a bar. The space started out for the first four years as an ice cream parlor and candy shop before it became a bar in 1930 for the first time. It really started to develop it’s personality when it was purchased in 1954 by Tommy Wilcox who named the bar Tommy’s Cafe. It was during these years that it started to become a real local watering hole.

In the late 90’s (1998 if you want to get exact) the bar was purchased by Lou Post who operated it as ‘Lou’s Outpost’ until it was purchased by the Teepe family in 2001 and it took on it’s name ‘Win Place or Show’ and also adopted the family’s love for horse racing.

The bar underwent a ton of renovation and expansion that saw it grow from just a small bar and dining room into the space that you’ll see today when you stop in. The 2000s also saw a couple of name changes, from Win Place or Show to ‘The Show on 42’ and finally to Trillion’s that we know today.

What To Expect When You Visit

Trillions is part sports bar, part restaurant, part neighborhood bar all wrapped into one. The very front of the bar is a game room with pool and darts. A small kitchen sits in between that room and the main space which features a big u-shaped bar that sits at one side of big room featuring an indoor stage and plenty of tables to spread out when things are calm (or to pack folks in when it isn’t).

The back, and side of the building features a big deck for those warm evenings where you just want to enjoy the fresh air with a drink or two.

Much like everything else… it’s a little bit of it all for whatever strikes your fancy. They have a decent tap list if you’re a beer nut – macro beer if you’re not. A nice selection of spirits if you’re into that… or cheap well drinks if you’re not. It’s a bar for you, no matter who you happen to be and more times than not, that’s exactly what I want when I’m headed out and looking for a place to drink.

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