Cincy Takes Home More Medals At Ohio Craft Brewer’s Cup

Written By: The Gnarly Gnome

I think that I mention this every time that I write about our local breweries taking home medals at another beer festival… but while I fully recognize that it doesn’t really mean anything (up to and including even any real increase in sales for the breweries involved), I love seeing medals.

There’s something about the recognition from a contest that we’re not crazy and that the quality of beer coming out of this city deserves to be talked about that makes me feel good.

This year’s Ohio Craft Brewer’s Cup gave us a great chance to celebrate together again – with six local breweries bringing home another 16 medals to add to an impressive and ever-growing list of Cincinnati Brewery medals.

About The Ohio Craft Brewer’s Cup

The Ohio Craft Brewer’s Cup was established in YEAR as a platform to let breweries in the state have an equal platform to showcase exactly what they’re doing.  It’s people from their state highlighting the things that they’re proud to have represent what Ohio beer is right now.  It feels a little different than some national competitions for a good reason – it is a little different.

The judges are part of the industry here in the state (don’t worry… no judge is allowed to judge a category they also entered).

Ever since the competition started in 2018, it’s kept growing, and this year was a great turnout, with 67 breweries (a new record) entering more than 400 beers to be judged.

Cincinnati’s Winners This Year


  • Bronze Medal – Moozie – Stout


  • Bronze Medal – Legendary Lager – American Lager
  • Gold Medal – Phantom Forest – Imperial IPA
  • Best Large Brewery (15000+)

Narrow Path

  • Bronze Medal – Restless Seas – German Style Ale
  • Bronze Medal – POG Kettle Sour – Sour/Wild Ale With Fruit
  • Gold Medal – Oud Bruin – Sour/Wild Beer

NEW Ales

  • Bronze Medal – OMG Becky, Look At That Pumpkin


  • Gold Medal – Black Cats – Brown/Dark Ale
  • Bronze Medal – Suh, Brah – NE/Hazy Pale
  • Bronze – Tiki Time – Wood Barrel, Under 8

Third Eye

  • Silver Medal – Inner Sight – Brown/Dark Ale
  • Silver Medal – Untapped Potential – German Style Ale
  • Gold Medal – Higher Purpose – Stout
  • Bronze Medal – Kelly’s Private Stash – Wood Barrel, Over 8
  • Best Southwest Brewery

My Takeaway From The Festival

I think everyone deserves a tip of the ol’ cap and a high five for taking home medals… but the one that jumped out to me was Narrow Path.  Not only are they starting to get rolling on medal-winning lately (you did see their GABF results, right?), but the fact that they’re getting recognition for their barrel-aged sour program is something that makes me feel really good.

Barrel-aged sours are some of my favorite beers, and when done right, they are absolutely fantastic.  The problem is that they are time-consuming, don’t sell as well as other styles, and are challenging to do well.  Because of all those reasons, fewer and fewer places are doing them around town.

It feels really good to see Narrow Path being recognized for what they’re doing with the style… because they’re one of the best locally right now with it!

I know we’ll continue to see our local breweries keep winning medals – and I’ll keep you updated on it when it happens!  Keep being Gnarly, Cincy!

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