There’s always been something happening behind the scenes of craft beer – we’re starting to see it very visibly here in Cincinnati with some of our breweries who are getting “old” enough to start figuring out who they are under the surface. Still, places like DogFish Head and Sam Adams have been doing it for decades.

I got a chance to sit down with Sam Calagione of DogFish Head to talk about how sustainability and “bigger picture” things have always been a part of their company – and how, still today, they’re pushing to do things differently to have an impact on the world around them.

This was part of an event that Sam Adams put on in their taproom where they talked about a couple of their sustainable beer initiatives – and I’m going to get a couple of videos up on YouTube over the next week or two that are also from that event (including this interview) so… keep your eyes open to The Gnarly Gnome on YouTube!

Huge thanks to Sam Adams, Sam, and the whole team that put this one together for me… It’s changed the way I look at a brewery’s impact on not only their community but also on the world around them.


Guests This Episode

  • Sam Calagione – DogFish Head

What We Drank

  • Sam Adams – Tractor Beer
  • Sam Adams – Unmalted Lager

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