MadTree Brewing Company is certainly a household name here in Cincinnati. They make great beer, they have a killer taproom, and they provide an excellent company that is able to create a place where people can build their careers. When you look at it from the outside in, they nailed it. It’s not enough for the company, though, as it rounds the ten year mark. They’re constantly trying to improve everything. The very essence of who they are to their core has been a huge focus over the last few years – and I wanted to talk about what that means.

I sat down with Rhiannon Hoeweler, MadTree’s VP of Experience and Impact to talk about how they are doing that, what it means for the company – and hopefully what it means for us drinkers.

This is a huge topic and one that I covered this week on Drinking With The Gnome, too – with Sam Calagione of DogFish Head – we’re definitely not done talking about it.

Get out, do something for your community – give back… be better than you were yesterday!

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  • Rhiannon Hoeweler – MadTree Brewing Company

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  • MadTree – As If

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