SKYY® Vodka Introduces SKYY® Vodka & Soda Canned Cocktails in the U.S.

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In a move set to captivate cocktail enthusiasts nationwide, SKYY® Vodka has unveiled its latest offering: SKYY® Vodka & Soda, a refreshing, premium canned cocktail now available in two citrus-infused flavors: Lemon & Elderflower and Lime & Mint. Crafted to perfection, these ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails boast the unmistakable taste of real SKYY® Vodka, combined with soda and natural citrus and botanical flavors. Plus, they’re gluten-free, vegan, and clock in at just 90 calories per cocktail.

The key to the exceptional taste of SKYY® Vodka & Soda lies in its use of real SKYY® Vodka. Every drop of SKYY® Vodka undergoes a meticulous quadruple-distillation and triple-filtration process for unparalleled purity and smoothness. Plus, the water used in its production is enhanced by Pacific Minerals, ensuring an even fresher taste. Paired with the invigorating zest of fresh citrus and subtle botanical undertones, each sip delivers a crisp, light, and elevated experience.

Mark Watson, Senior Category Director at Campari America, emphasized the brand’s unwavering commitment to quality: “Since its inception, SKYY has been dedicated to crafting the most exquisite vodka possible. This commitment extends seamlessly to our carefully curated canned cocktails.” Drawing parallels to the brand’s founder, Maurice Kanbar, who dedicated years to perfecting SKYY® Vodka’s distillation process, Watson highlighted the meticulous attention to detail that goes into each SKYY® Vodka & Soda cocktail.

Available in Lime & Mint and Lemon & Elderflower, SKYY® Vodka & Soda is now hitting select off-premise retailers in California, Florida, and Texas. Packaged in convenient 355ml, 4-pack cans with a suggested retail price of $10.99, these cocktails offer both convenience and sophistication. Whether it’s a day at the beach or a night out with friends, SKYY® Vodka & Soda ensures a premium cocktail experience wherever you go. As always, please enjoy responsibly.

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SKYY® Vodka & Soda Lemon & Elderflower. Vodka + Soda + Natural Flavors. 4% alc./vol. (8 Proof). ©2024 Campari America, New York, NY. Please enjoy responsibly; PER 12 FL. OZ. (355 ML) – AVERAGE ANALYSIS: CALORIES 90, CARBOHYDRATES 4g, FATS 0g, PROTEINS 0g.

SKYY® Vodka & Soda Lime & Mint. Vodka + Soda + Natural Flavors. 4% alc./vol. (8 Proof). ©2024 Campari America, New York, NY. Please enjoy responsibly; PER 12 FL. OZ. – AVERAGE ANALYSIS: CALORIES 90, CARBOHYDRATES 4g, FATS 0g, PROTEINS 0g.

About SKYY® Vodka

Born in San Francisco in 1992, SKYY® Vodka embodies the innovative and progressive spirit of California. Its founder, a first-generation American inventor, sought to create the world’s smoothest vodka, leading to the development of SKYY® Vodka’s proprietary quadruple-distillation and triple-filtration process. In 2019, SKYY® Vodka further enhanced its production process by incorporating water enriched with minerals, including Pacific Minerals from the San Francisco Bay Area, resulting in cocktails with more character and freshness. As a symbol of San Francisco’s forward-thinking mindset and inclusive values, SKYY® Vodka has grown from a small startup into an iconic brand. To learn more, visit

About Campari Group/Campari America

Campari Group is a global leader in the spirits industry, boasting a portfolio of over 50 premium and super-premium brands distributed in over 190 countries. Established in 1860, Campari Group has a rich heritage and a global distribution network, with headquarters in Sesto San Giovanni, Italy. Campari America LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Davide Campari-Milano N.V., manages Campari Group’s portfolio in the U.S., featuring leading brands such as SKYY® Vodka, Grand Marnier®, Campari®, and Aperol®. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and style, Campari America is a top choice among distributors, retailers, and consumers. For more information, visit ©2024 Campari America. New York, NY. Please enjoy responsibly.

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