The Finnish Long Drink Launches Much-Anticipated Peach Flavor

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The Finnish Long Drink, the brand built on the heritage of the legendary Finnish alcohol category of long drinks, announces the debut of its new Peach beverage, available nationwide beginning March 18.

Born out of a need to cater to guests of the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki, long drinks are now the best-selling category of liquor in the country. Today, the beloved drink is available in America, with The Finnish Long Drink offering the following flavors: Traditional, Zero, and Strong varieties in the citrus flavor, in addition to Cranberry, and now, Peach.

Providing a subtle and smooth, yet bracing kick, The Finnish Long Drink Peach is made with real liquor and sparkling peach flavor, creating mildly sweet tasting notes that are both fresh and fruity. To honor the company’s heritage, the team worked closely with local Finnish companies to develop a proprietary recipe that balances crisp refreshment and a fresh peach taste.

We’re beyond estatic to make Peach a permanant product in our line-up. When we first rolled out the drink as part of our Midsummer pack, we didn’t have any plans on keeping it around past the summer, but the pack performed exceptionally well.

Sakari Manninen – Co-Founder

What really convinced us to make it a permanant addition was the feedback we recieved from consumers. They were incredibly persistent and quickly fell in love wiht the flavor. Our goal has always been to introduce Americans to long drinks, and Peach is a flavor that truly seems to resonate stateside, so what better way to bring even more fans into The Long Drink Family.

Ere Partanen – Co-Founder

Originally, Peach was added as a limited-time release as part of The Finnish Long Drink’s Midsummer variety pack, and it marks the first beverage that the brand has launched in over four years.

The Finnish Long Drink Peach is now available nationwide

“Since bringing long drinks to America, our focus has always been on educating consumers about the Finnish category with authentic flavors, and this continues to be our mission even as we grow and expand,” says Manninen. “As such, we’ve waited a long time to introduce a new flavor to the market. However, throughout this time, we have been experimenting and investing time to ensure that any new flavor that we developed is truly an authentic long drink. Peach achieved just that and was just too delicious to not share with the world.”

Founded and led by Finnish entrepreneurs chasing the American dream, The Finnish Long Drink was created with the mission of bringing the “national drink of Finland” to America; for the nation to experience the refreshing, unique, and delicious Finnish Long Drink and to celebrate their country’s best kept secret. Since launching, The Finnish Long Drink has grown exponentially, doubling its sales in 2022 to reach over one million cases sold, reaching nearly two million cases sold in 2023, and this past summer was recognized as “the fastest-growing spirits brand in the world,” according to The Spirits Business.

The Finnish Long Drink Peach is canned at 5.5% ABV and distributed in 42 US markets. It’s available in packs of six in national and local retailers for a suggested retail price of $11.99-$13.99. For more information about The Finnish Long Drink, visit or follow along on social @longdrink.

About The Finnish Long Drink

The long drink is a top selling category of alcohol in Finland – a legend that is now available in America. The roots of long drinks go back to the 1952 Summer Games in Helsinki, when the country of only 4 million people was still recovering from World War II. Concerned about how to serve drinks quickly enough to all the visitors, the government commissioned the creation of a revolutionary new liquor drink that was both delicious and fast to serve – and so the first long drinks were born. Now this legend has finally been brought to America by the next generation of Finns who want the world to experience the refreshing and unique Finnish Long Drink.

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