This week’s episode started off (as usual) with me trying to get my audio issues sorted out. This time, though I did it while sipping on a very special aged beer from Urban Artifact called Phrenology that I’ve been itching to crack open for a very long time, now. This funky wild IPA delivered some incredible floral and “dirty dandelion” notes that evolved as I got further into the glass.

The main topic this week was the shenanigans and tomfoolery around April Fools’ Day. I showcased some of the best pranks and joke announcements from local breweries, like Urban Artifact’s Strawberry Boba Beer, Brew Dog temporarily rebranding to “Brew Cat” with an adorable new feline logo, and Streetside’s hilarious gag about turning over all their marketing to AI. There were definitely some hits and misses, but overall it was a fun chance for the breweries to show their creative and playful sides.

Looking ahead, there are some exciting events on the horizon. First, I’ll be heading up to Columbus in a couple weeks to hang out with some other beer podcasters and personalities, so if you’re in the area, hit me up for details! Back here at home, Streetside is throwing their 3rd annual Speak of the Devil Day on April 13th. They’ve got a bunch of incredible barrel-aged stout variants lined up for the occasion that sound absolutely mouth-watering. Get yourself to the taproom if you can!

Before signing off, I had to give a shoutout to the awesome folks supporting the show through Patreon via There are some really cool and exclusive perks in the works for you – I’m pouring my heart and soul into making it amazing! I also teased the return of Cincy Beer Week, another passion project I’m resurrecting for the love of great local craft beer.

Thanks as always for tuning in and sharing this beer journey with me. Don’t forget to tell a friend about the show, and until next time, Stay Gnarly!

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