Humble Monk has been through it. They had just opened their doors and started to settle into things when they were hit by the pandemic which forced them to rethink their whole business model. Now, through some crappy luck, they just let their fans know that they now are being forced to relocate their whole brewery and taproom.

It’s a real bout of tough luck, but with a smile on their faces, they’re hoping to prove that much like coming out of Covid made them a stronger brewery… things will be ok.

I sat down with Mike and Alicia (Humble Monk’s amazing owners) to talk about how they are managing all of this, and what we can expect as fans of the Northside Brewery.

To learn more about Humble Monk Brewing, make sure you check them out on their website. As soon as there are more details about the brewery’s new location, we’ll share it over on the blog, too.

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Guests This Episode

  • Mike Kemp – Humble Monk Brewing
  • Alicia Kemp – Humble Monk Brewing

From The Beer Fridge

  • Humble Monk – Monk’s Heavenweizen

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