BC’s Brewing Company Takes A Big Step Closer To Their Grand Opening

Written By: The Gnarly Gnome
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If you’ve been tapping your foot, waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for BC’s Brewing Company to open its doors, just ask the folks involved with it. I’m sure they’ve got a few things to say about how long this project has taken to get up and rolling. There’s always a bit of a joke with folks who know about how long it will take to actually get the doors of a new brewery open versus the timeframe that they think it’ll happen – but even with that in mind, BC’s has had a rough go of this. We’ve got great news from the brewery this week, though – they’re up and rolling with their first batches of beer and have a planned opening date. The goal is clearly in sight at this point.

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The New Location And A Brewery

Let’s take a quick step back for anyone new. BC’s Brewing Company started as BC’s Bottle Lodge in Liberty Twp in March 2016, opening a second location in Montgomery towards the end of 2017. The concept was a mix between a bottle shop and a bar. It was a concept that, when they opened, was a void that needed to be filled. It was met with much more than open arms – people embraced this concept in the same way that they do their favorite taproom. Sure, they would pick up beer to-go, take home a six-pack or two – but they started really using the space as a gathering spot. Think of the famous ‘Third Space’ idea that so many businesses want to create.

As craft beer continued to evolve, so did BC’s – drifting farther away from the bottle shop side of the business and becoming more of a hub for craft beer fans to gather and get nerdy about good beer.

The long story, cut way short (you should listen to them on Cincy Brewcast here or here): Post-COVID, with the industry continuing to change, they decided to make a massive shift and open their own brewery. They closed down one of their locations and buckled up for a very long and difficult transition period.

Their dedicated fan base has been waiting very patiently – and it’s FINALLY here.

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Let There Be BC’s Beer!

BC’s Brewing posted this week on their social media channels that they were finally brewing their first batch of beer, a familiar one for their taproom fans (they’ve been using partnerships to create a version of it for a while) – their ‘Buck Light’ lager.

Seeing the news, I reached out to see if I could get more information out of the team so that I could share it with you guys. Oh boy, are we in for a treat!

Not only are they headlong into their first batch of beer, they’ve got plans to roll right into their next batch, and amber, dubbed ‘One Point Oh’ – that I have a sneaking suspicion will become a crowd pleaser. In fact, they let me know that they plan on having 9 of their own beers available, in addition to a couple of collaborations, wine, and some kegged cocktails when they kick open the doors for their grand opening.

Yeah, I said it… Grand Opening.

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When Will BC’s Brewing Company Open?

Keep in mind that this is tentative. While the folks at BC’s are really, really firm that this is what they’re shooting for, if I’ve learned anything about watching places get their doors open, you always leave a little wiggle room just in case. With that being said, you might want to mark your calendar right now for June 15th—that’s Father’s Day Weekend.

BC’s Bottle Lodge, I mean, BC’s Brewing Company, has historically thrown a pretty great party that weekend, and it looks like this year will be the biggest yet with the much anticipated grand opening of their new brewery and taproom.

The’ll have food on hand from a local chef, a ton of great beer… It’s going to be pretty epic.

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