My favorite. It’s not a term that I throw around very often… tastes change, feelings change, and the desire for different experiences is a real thing. Binskis is my favorite bar, though. I can say that without hesitation (with the caveat that if owner Kiel Erdelac screws up and starts changing things… I might change, too) because I love this place.

Binskis is the perfect blend of a neighborhood bar, with just the right amount of “dive-iness”, community, good feelings, a proper sense of humor, and great drinks. It checks all the boxes.

I sat down with Kiel as they were prepping for their first anniversary to hopefully get a good peek at not only what makes them who they are but to give you a good look into why I don’t think they’ll be changing any time soon.

Guests On This Episode

  • Kiel Erdelac – Owner/Bartender, Binskis Bar

What We Were Drinking

  • Malort… out of an ashtray.
  • Heileman’s – Old Style
  • Malort… out of an ashtray, again.
  • Malort… still out of an ashtray.
  • Malort… ashtray
  • Ashtray… out of a Malort
  • Maloreastray.

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Huge thanks to this week’s guest, Kiel from Binskis Bar.


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