All About Fibonacci Brewing Company

Fibonacci is an extremely unique brewery, and in a city like Cincinnati that is packed full of breweries that all try to have a “unique” identity, that’s saying a lot.  They are a nano-brewery, and extremely proud of it.  While they don’t have any aspirations to grow into something big, they want to use their 1bbl brewhouse to create a unique farm to tap atmosphere.  To achieve this goal they are building an urban farm that they’re calling ‘Fib Farms’ which should be a great space to not only have a beer but to learn more about urban farming in general!

Stay tuned this year for a lot more news about this side of Fibonacci!!

What’s Fibonacci Like?

When you walk into Fibonacci Brewing’s taproom you’ll get one of two feelings.  It’s either going to feel like a Science classroom, or maybe a florist.  The space used to be a florist… but it’s really the combination of their science and nature loves that come smashing into each other headfirst that give distinct impressions.

They’ve hidden their brewhouse in the basement, so the taproom is clean, bright and airy.  It fits wonderfully with their overall theme.

Their big expansion, dubbed Fib Farm, brings a second taproom next door, as well as big beer garden for not only a place to hang out outdoors with a beer, but a place for the brewery to grow ingredients, and build upon the idea of an urban farm that they’ve always had in mind with the space.

The Fibonacci Brewing Company Timeline

  • 5/25/15 – The very first brew day at Fibonacci.
  • 7/11/15 – Fibonacci’s Grand Opening Party
  • 2019 – Fib Farm Expansion Opens… with goats!

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