Mike started this show with a goal of bringing craft beer news, tastings, and interviews to people via their digital airwaves. He asked me to come on board, and I said yes without a moments hesitation. I didn’t know then how great of a friend he would become to me, and this craft community. We lost him this summer and this show stands as a dedication to him, and all that he started with Cincy Brewcast.

Guests This Episode

  • Evan Rouse – Braxton Brewing Company
  • Brittany Walker – Have A Drink Show
  • Chris Walker – Have A Drink Show
  • Justin Frasure – Have A Drink Show
  • Andy Reynolds – Alexandria Brewing Company
  • Bob Bollas – Fibonacci
  • Brandon Hughes – Nine Giant
  • Scott LaFollette – Blank Slate
  • Mike Stokes – Cincy Brew Bus
  • Matt Stokes – Cincy Brew Bus

From The Beer Fridge

  • Braxton – Big Cis
  • Braxton – Rum Barrel Aged Snow Shovel
  • Braxton – Toaster
  • Braxton – Lavendar Level

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